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delphi programming for instance - can be produced anywhere drag and drop toolbar

In the frequently-used software, such as photoshop, office, delphi, etc., we often can drag the toolbar to conduct operations related to the toolbar ---- will drag out the formation of an independent small window; or the number of toolbar for each combination! (These are the features that we often say that the DOCK), results as shown below:

DELPHI Toolbar

In fact, the use of DELPHI, or other visual programming tools (such as c + + builder, etc.) are easy to implement the above features! Next, we look through a small example of how it is implemented, where the use of programming tools for the Delphi!

Before starting an instance, we should note some stuff! (Some nonsense about the first ^ _ ^)

VCL visual components are supported DOCK features!
In delphi, all inherited from Tcontrol and TWinControl of VCL components, support dock feature.

Basically, the need for dock action requires at least two components, one component being attached to the dock site, the other components attached to the dock site. DELPHI provides visual components, only inherited from the TWinControl the VCL components that have the dock site features, and so long as the VCL components inherited from Tcontrol then have the function attached to the dock site.

* If you want a component inherited from TWinControl a dock site features, so long as the components of the property DockSite can be set to true;
* If necessary a component inherited from TControl attached to the dock site, as long as the property of Drag kind set to dkDock, DragMode property can be set to dmAutomatic,

When the program execution, you can use the mouse to drag the latter to the former components on the device, to dock action. As for the dock of the actual action are encapsulated in components, the user need not control how these actions are carried out.

Immediately begin our examples!

Create a common project (project1), drag pages from the win32 control a CoolBar, a ToolBar, an ImageList to the form1 form, the property is as follows:


. Caption: example of the realization of a DOCK functions;

CoolBar1 (to be attached to the dock site elements)

. AutoSize: true;
. DockSite: true;
For some better results, you can BorderWidth, EdgeBorders, EdgeInner, EdgeOuter, the associated set!

ToolBar1 (attached to the dock site components)
Right-click on the ToolBar1 components, select New Button, the new number of buttons between them can be New Separator, associated groups separated!

. Caption: tool bar (when the window is displayed independent of the title)
. AutoSize: true;
. DockKind: dkDock;
. DragMode: dmAutomatic;
. Flat: ture; (it look better)
. Images: ImageList1;
Similarly, for some better results, you can BorderWidth, EdgeBorders, EdgeInner, EdgeOuter, the associated set!

Double-click the control, select Add ..., add the pieces of pictures. This can easily be in these pictures assigns ToolBar Button!

Click the Run button, you drag down your toolbar, you can not immediately see the results now? We have not written a line of code do? ? ? ? This is Delphi's powerful place!


In order to better drag and drop, we add the following lines of code! (Mainly CoolBar1 the onDragOver, onDockDrop and UnDock events); source code is as follows (very short, do not think I'm lazy!) (Download the source files packaged with the implementation of the program)

unit sample1;


Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs,
ImgList, ComCtrls, ToolWin;

TForm1 = class (TForm)
ImageList1: TImageList;
CoolBar1: TCoolBar;
ToolBar1: TToolBar;
ToolButton1: TToolButton;
ToolButton2: TToolButton;
ToolButton3: TToolButton;
ToolButton4: TToolButton;
ToolButton5: TToolButton;
ToolButton6: TToolButton;
ToolButton7: TToolButton;
procedure CoolBar1DragOver (Sender, Source: TObject; X, Y: Integer;
State: TDragState; var Accept: Boolean);
procedure CoolBar1DockDrop (Sender: TObject; Source: TDragDockObject; X,
Y: Integer);
procedure CoolBar1UnDock (Sender: TObject; Client: TControl;
NewTarget: TWinControl; var Allow: Boolean);
procedure ToolButton1Click (Sender: TObject);
(Private declarations)
(Public declarations)

Form1: TForm1;


($ R *. DFM)

procedure TForm1.CoolBar1DragOver (Sender, Source: TObject; X, Y: Integer;
State: TDragState; var Accept: Boolean);
Accept: = (source = ToolBar1); file / / specify the conditions to accept drag and drop drag and drop objects to ToolBar1;

procedure TForm1.CoolBar1DockDrop (Sender: TObject; Source: TDragDockObject;
X, Y: Integer);
ToolBar1.AutoSize: = false; file / / when the device onto the dock site components above, and after release the left mouse button, this event will be the implementation of
ToolBar1.Align: = altop; file / / In order to facilitate drag and drop, the width and coolbar1 toolbar1 similar.
ToolBar1.Width: = CoolBar1.Width-1;

procedure TForm1.CoolBar1UnDock (Sender: TObject; Client: TControl;
NewTarget: TWinControl; var Allow: Boolean);
ToolBar1.AutoSize: = true; file / / when the components of a component off the dock site, the matter will be executed
ToolBar1.Caption: =''Toolbar''; file / / set the window size separate toolbar and the title

procedure TForm1.ToolButton1Click (Sender: TObject);
Close; file / / exit program


DOCK features listed below and related events:

OnDragDrop: When the device is drag, this event is executed;
OnDragOver: used to specify the components can be dragged conditions;
OnDockDrop: When the device onto the dock site components above, and after release the left mouse button, this event will be implemented;
OnDockOver: When the components of a device onto the dock site, this event will be implemented;
OnUnDock: When the components of a component off the dock site, the matter will be implemented;
OnGetSiteInfo: to obtain some information components dock site.

Well, drag and drop through a small example of the toolbar, we can immediately appreciate the power of Delphi's ease of use and Office! Later I will continue to write about programming with Delphi for instance the article! Members Delphi enthusiasts, we will Delphi be in the end it! NGA is limited, if any wrong with it, pointed out that users please! Thank you!

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National Domain Name defeat ". COM"

Then something of value, if only shelved, also difficult to obtain public favor. CN domain name registration of the final volume to 5.3 million beyond the domestic COM domain names, its power is in the rich and wide range of applications.

Present, as Sina, Baidu, Sohu's fire performance of the Nasdaq in the United States, "China concept" strong impact with the international Internet community's attention, the most dazzling terms. However, the Internet's first side "flag" the rise is called lonely entrants, it is our familiar ". CN".


In the distant in October 1990, Professor Qian Tianbai behalf of the Chinese, the official in the Internet domain name registered distribution management center of China's top-level domain. CN, and established the first Chinese CN domain name server. Mysterious and strange at the time on the Internet, just as quietly plugging the side of "flag", from China has its own online identity.

聽聽聽 4骞村悗锛屼腑鍥藉叏鍔熻兘鎺ュ叆鍥介檯浜掕仈缃戯紝CN鍩熷悕鐨勯《绾ф湇鍔″櫒涔熺粨鏉熶簡鈥滄梾灞呪?寰峰浗鐨勫巻鍙诧紝姝e紡杩佸洖鍥藉唴銆?997骞碈N鍩熷悕娉ㄥ唽绠$悊鏈烘瀯鈥斺?涓浗浜掕仈缃戠粶淇℃伅涓績(涓嬬О鈥淐NNIC鈥?姝e紡缁勫缓锛孋N鍩熷悕鐨勫彂灞曠敱姝よ蛋鍑烘繁闄紝閫愭涓烘櫘閫氱綉姘戞墍鐔熸倝銆佹帴鍙椼?

聽聽聽 鍦–NNIC鎴愮珛涔嬪垵锛孋N鍩熷悕娉ㄥ唽閲忓彧鏈夊尯鍖?000鏉ヤ釜銆備絾鍒?005骞?鏈堬紝CN鍩熷悕娉ㄥ唽閲忓凡杈惧埌70澶氫竾涓紝鎴愪负浜氭床娉ㄥ唽閲忔渶澶х殑鍥藉椤剁骇鍩熷悕銆傚崐骞翠箣鍚庯紝CN鍩熷悕缁堜簬涓?妇绐佺牬鐧句竾锛屾垚涓哄叏鐞冪鍏ぇ鍥藉椤剁骇鍩熷悕銆傝繖涓?敞鍐岄噺鍦?006骞村勾搴曡鍒锋柊鍒?80澶氫竾涓紝鎺掑悕涔熶笂鍗囧埌涓栫晫绗洓浣嶃?

聽聽聽 鍘嗗彶鐨勬寚閽堝仠鐣欏湪2007骞?鏈堬紝CNNIC鍚戜笘鐣屽鍛婏紝CN鍩熷悕娉ㄥ唽鎬婚噺杈惧埌530涓囷紝澶у箙瓒呰秺COM鍩熷悕(Commercial organizations锛岀粍缁囧煙鍚?鍥藉唴娉ㄥ唽閲忥紝杩涘叆涓栫晫鍥藉椤剁骇鍩熷悕涓夌敳姒滃崟锛屽熀纭?祫婧愮殑寮哄娍鍙戝睍涓轰腑鍥戒簰鑱旂綉鍙戝睍娉ㄥ叆浜嗘柊鐨勫姪鎺ㄥ墏銆?br />
聽聽聽 鍏ㄦ皯鈥滅粌鍏碘?

聽聽聽 涓嶤N鍩熷悕鐨勮繀閫熷.澶х浉瀵瑰簲鐨勬槸锛?0骞翠箣鍓嶏紝涓浗浠呮嫢鏈?0涓囩殑缃戞皯锛?0骞翠箣鍚庯紝涓浗缃戞皯鏁伴噺鍒欑獊鐮翠簡1.4浜裤?鍏ㄦ皯鎬х殑搴旂敤淇冭繘CN鍩熷悕鍦ㄧ煭鏃堕棿鍐呭疄鐜颁簡澶ц法姝ョ殑璺宠穬寮忓彂灞曘?

聽聽聽 鍑轰簬瀵圭數瀛愭斂鍔″拰淇℃伅瀹夊叏鐨勯渶姹傦紝CN鍩熷悕鏈?棭鍦ㄦ斂搴滄満鏋勫緱鍒板箍娉涘簲鐢ㄣ?鍏ㄥ浗浜哄ぇ缃戙?涓浗鏀垮簻缃戙?鏂板崕缃戠瓑鍏崇郴鍥借姘戠敓鐨勭綉绔欓兘鍚敤浜咰N鍩熷悕浣滀负涓诲煙鍚嶏紝鍚勭骇鏀垮簻缃戠珯涔熺悍绾峰甫澶村姞寮哄煙鍚嶄娇鐢ㄨ鑼冿紝鐩墠楂樿揪97%鐨勭渷绾ф斂搴滅綉绔欏煙鍚嶈鑼冧娇鐢–N鍩熷悕銆傚幓骞村寳浜?008濂ヨ繍浼氭寮忓惎鐢╞eijing2008.CN涓诲煙鍚嶄篃涓?椂浼犱负浣宠瘽銆?br />
聽聽聽 鍦ㄦ斂搴滄満鏋勫惎鐢–N鍩熷悕鐨勭ず鑼冧笅锛屾捣灏斻?涓夋槦绛変紬澶氱煡鍚嶄紒涓氫竴娆℃?鏁扮櫨涓狢N鍩熷悕鐨勬敞鍐岃鍔ㄦ寲鎺樺嚭浜咰N鍩熷悕鐨勪环鍊兼墍鍦紱鑱斿悎鍒╁崕鎺ㄥ箍涓崕鐗欒啅鏃舵敞鍐寊hyg.cn鐨勮鍔ㄤ篃寮曞緱鍏朵粬浼佷笟鍦ㄦ帹骞挎椿鍔ㄤ腑鏁堜豢銆傚湪浜掕仈缃戝叕鍙稿拰鍥戒紒500寮虹瓑闆嗕綋鍚敤CN鍩熷悕琛屽姩鐨勫甫鍔ㄤ笅锛屾牴鎹潈濞佺粺璁★紝涓浗20涓富娴佽涓氫腑锛屽凡鏈?0%鐨勪紒涓氬惎鐢ㄤ簡CN鍩熷悕銆?br />
聽聽聽 鏀垮簻鍜屼紒涓氬CN鍩熷悕鐨勫簲鐢ㄧ粰缃戞皯鐨勭ず鑼冩晥搴旀槸宸ㄥぇ鐨勶紝杩欏姞閫熶簡澶т紬鍖栧簲鐢ㄧ殑鍒版潵銆傚緢澶氱綉姘戝紑濮嬩富鍔ㄥ皾璇曘?浣撻獙CN鍩熷悕鐨勫簲鐢紝骞跺湪鎺㈢储鍑烘柊鐨勫簲鐢ㄦā寮忥紝鍚稿紩鏇村鐨勪汉鍔犲叆锛屽舰鎴愪簡鑹?鐨勪簰鍔紝鐩存帴淇冭繘浜咰N鍩熷悕鐨勭垎鍙戙?

聽聽聽 CN澶у弽鏀?br />
聽聽聽 鐒惰?锛孋N鍩熷悕鐨勭垎鍙戠粷闈炴槸涓?绠?崟鐨勪豢鏁堣涓恒?

聽聽聽 鈥滀笉浠呭湪娉ㄥ唽鏉冪泭涓婃洿鏈変繚闅滐紝CN鍩熷悕鐨勬敞鍐屾墜缁篃鏇翠负绠?究蹇嵎銆佽闂洿涓虹ǔ瀹氥?鈥濅竴浣嶄粠COM鍩熷悕杞姇CN鍩熷悕搴旂敤鐨勬敞鍐岃?璇达紝瀵笴N鍩熷悕浠峰?鐨勯噸鏂拌璇嗭紝璁╀粬鎶涘純浜嗏?COM鍩熷悕鏄浗闄呯殑銆丆N鍩熷悕鏄浗鍐呯殑鈥濈殑閿欒瑙傚康銆?br />
聽聽聽 浣滀负CN鍩熷悕涓ゅぇ浠茶鏈烘瀯涔嬩竴锛屼腑鍥藉浗闄呯粡娴庤锤鏄撳鍛樹細鍩熷悕浜夎涓績绉樹功闀挎潕铏庤〃绀猴紝CN鍩熷悕鐢变腑鍥借嚜涓荤鐞嗭紝鍦ㄤ簤璁徊瑁佷腑閲囩敤涓枃璇█銆侀?鐢ㄤ腑鍥芥硶寰嬶紝鐩告瘮COM鍩熷悕鐢卞浗澶栨満鏋勪徊瑁佽?瑷?紝涓浗娉ㄥ唽鑰呭湪CN鍩熷悕浜夎涓幏鑳滃嚑鐜囪杩滆繙楂樺嚭锛岄伩鍏嶄簡鍦–OM鍩熷悕绾犵悍涓婇伃閬囩殑鍙嶅悜鍩熷悕鎺犲ず銆?br />
聽聽聽 鑰屾嵁CNNIC鎶?湳鎬荤洃鏉庢檽涓滀粙缁嶏紝涓轰簡瀹炵幇CN鍩熷悕璁块棶閫熷害鍜岀ǔ瀹氭?鐨勬彁楂橈紝CN鍩熷悕涓嶄粎鍦ㄥ幓骞村仛浜嗛噸鏂伴儴缃诧紝杩樹笌闊╁浗绛夊悎浣滃湪娴峰浜掓斁鏈嶅姟鍣紝鍒囧疄淇濋殰浜咰N鍩熷悕璁块棶鐨勭ǔ瀹氶珮鏁堛?杩戞湡锛孋NNIC姝e湪灏辨缇庤缃瓹N鍩熷悕灞曞紑璋堝垽锛屽苟鏈夋湜鎸鸿繘娆х編锛屼互鏂逛究娴峰鐢ㄦ埛璁块棶CN鍩熷悕銆?br />
聽聽聽 浣滀负涓浗浜掕仈缃戝熀纭?祫婧愶紝CN鍩熷悕鏄紒涓氱殑浜掕仈缃戝搧鐗屾爣璇嗭紝鏄腑鍥戒紒涓氶?寰?浗闄呭寲鐨勬ˉ姊侊紝涔熸槸璺ㄥ浗浼佷笟瀹炵幇鏈湡鍖栫殑閲嶈鎵嬫銆傚浜庝腑鍥藉箍澶х綉姘戞潵璇达紝CN鍩熷悕鍒欐槸浠栦滑涓嶅彲鎴栫己鐨勭綉缁滆韩浠借瘉锛屽洜涓哄畠浣撶幇浜嗕釜浜哄湪浜掕仈缃戜笂鐨勭嫭鏈夎韩浠姐?

聽聽聽 姣棤鐤戦棶锛孋N鍩熷悕杩欎簺浠峰?鍜岀壒鑹查?娓愯鍙戞帢鍜岃鍙紝鏄疌N鍩熷悕娉ㄥ唽閲忕獊鐮?30涓囥?鍦ㄥ浗鍐呰秴瓒奀OM鍩熷悕鐨勬牴鏈師鍥犮?

聽聽聽 鈥滀綔涓哄浗瀹跺煙鍚嶆敞鍐岀鐞嗘満鏋勶紝绠$悊缁存姢CN鍩熷悕鐨勮繍琛屾槸涓?釜閲嶈鑱岃兘锛屼篃鏄疌N鍩熷悕鍙戝睍鐨勫熀纭??鑰岃瀹炵幇CN鍩熷悕鍙戝睍鐨勭獊鐮达紝杩樺繀椤诲皧閲嶅競鍦鸿寰嬨?鈥滳NNIC鍔╃悊涓讳换鍒樺織姹熷鏄銆?br />


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Aion" powerful sword star is said to cause litter

First, is the fear of many timid novice team destroy mission. They do not understand the Star Sword. Rubbish caused these tragic star sword.

Second, is the vulnerability created a demonic sword star tragedy. . . Most afraid of death because the Magic Way. . His most hated is the sword of his sleep strange constellations.

Third, the capacity of the team is too low. . The team are afraid of death. . Afraid of repair experience. . Resistance can not afford two or more of the blame. . . The tragedy was caused by the sword. . If the guard can play the four anti-strange. . If the Magic Way is not strange to see four run. . If the nanny is not strange to see the chaos of four. So. . The most powerful sword star will play a powerful force. . . What a spectacular and powerful. . .

Fourth, NC created a sword is Tragic star. . He created a sword to kill the heroic star of the group. . But the design of the monster it is can not touch II. .

5, is the most novice star rookie sword covered a few really strong, skilled sword stars. . Star of the tragedy caused by the sword. . .

Key:. . If guard against some more powerful. . Hatred bigger. . Pulling up around three blame their own side. . Strange sleep without Magic Way. . . The Magic Way to focus DPS output. . Nurse group added. . Constellation sword sweep. . Who dare say that the sword stars refuse. . . . .

I am the sword star attitude. . Is definitely positive and affirmative. . I have two swords asterisk. . A Magic Way number. . . .

Like to play swords sing. . . . But I can not kill people with swords sing. . . . Magic Way to serve on the train for my sword star revenge. .

Sword Star One (South China Telecom) Sword Star II (Southern Telecom) One Magic Way

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling so steady and VB API (1)

Write VB program, frequently encountered problem is that VB gives us something we would use to prepare, control Zuzhuang is a process, but once the VB did not want to implement functions provided directly, broke new. In fact, Windows operating system itself, we are prepared to give a lot of things, VB does not, perhaps Windows has. We certainly hope to spend less effort, a little more effect. Here to talk about the content of that - learn to use Windows to us what: API.

However, the learned one thing to pay a considerable effort, API is the same, it can bring great convenience to us, but want to grasp it, it is not so easy to use several control things. So in reading this article, hope that readers can adopt a correct attitude is to learn programming is not for fun, but for use; do not have their own interest and in this regard to see, but for the API is for you program brought effect to watch. I'm not saying everything is so serious and difficult, but on the VB API is already available for the application of advanced operator, so "serious" and "careful" is needed. Well, relax, let's step by step from now appreciate the benefits of it API.



All API called Application Programming Interface, literal translation, you might call it "application program interface." From the sense, API is an operating system or a program itself to other uses of the function. In the Windows operating system, there are thousands of functions available to the Windows application uses, the paper said the API, is that these functions.

2.VB and API

The reason I wrote this article (not written VC or other language) because VB is not a direct support to the API, and is incomplete; in use, Windows's API is the assumption that the caller when the preparation is the C or C + + language, VB API call is not very convenient, are often unnecessary errors or do not understand how to use the situation. This object is mainly a deep study on the API does not readers, if you do not want to know too much detail, you can use an appropriate function to move past, or you do not know the API, or only know a few, not many functions clear how, or if you wish to use the API from the article to learn more skills or techniques VB (hope I can let you learn), I think you should read this article. But there is a major premise, you must already be using VB's readers, as mentioned after the contents of an entire project from start to finish will not teach you to do, there may be a brief statement and call the code, it may be a combination of several functions, if necessary, will talk about the content of VB related skills, but will not have a complete instance of the model.

3. This principle and agreed

As the API usage in some simple, some complex, some can be used alone, but some not, with the primary purpose of each API is different from the first to say which is difficult to judge to say what can make people easier to understand, so as far as possible from this comparison Speaking of common, from can have a greater effect on the program talking about. In order to allow most people to understand, if related to other knowledge, but also will try to talk about, so readers can learn the knowledge to use API and can use the knowledge in this article meet the new API. An API if you have any questions, please email (, but due to time constraints, not on the letter to respond to, if necessary, will be described in the text.


Before talking about API, let me first explain some basic knowledge of VB API-related, will no longer be involved later in any detail. Not mentioned here will be the first contact in this article do explain.

1. Custom type

Type keywords you can use VB to an existing data type combinations, a new type, the type known as user-defined types. Such as:

Type NewType
sName As String
lNumber As Long
End Type

Define a custom type called NewType. After Dim MyType As NewType can define a variable of type NewType.

sName As String, there are two types of variables, one is longer, which runs the length of the string is variable, another is a fixed length, running the length of the string is fixed. Usual we define a string variable: Dim strA As String that defines a variable-length string, but when using the API often use the fixed-length string, it should be so defined: Dim strB As String backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news: 15 news: 16 news : 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6-tar.gz xml2dict-read- only 30, which defines a character can hold 30 bytes of variables.

2. Statement

Before using the API in VB, need to be declared on the API, the statement is to use the Declare keyword, such as:
Public Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As Any) As Long
Declares the API function called SendMessage. Many API's statement can be found in the API browser, and this paper describes an API will also give a statement when more in-depth knowledge will be described later.

3. Handle

API most frequently used word is probably "handle" the. If you want to put it more complicated, the handle can indeed say a lot, but as a VB application, we can be more simple to understand it. Can be said that handle is given Windows system memory for each object, including windows, buttons (actually also a window), or file, icons, menus, etc. all things identity. Like the so-called identity as identity cards, and will not be repeated, and corresponded to the actual object. Its role is to let Windows know to be the targets of the operation. Many VB controls provide a long form of the hWnd property, under normal circumstances, this property is the control handle to control the control with the API need to use this property when the.

4. Device context

Actually, I think "device context" read very strange word, but its literal terms, Device Context (DC, not the DC or DreamCast oh) is the mean, so many people called it. But I would like to translate as "intermediary device" Everyone should be easier to understand it. It is the role of computer equipment and procedures as an intermediary between, such as displays and procedures, or between the printer and between programs. In the operation of these devices when it is operated through the intermediary (and handle similar), some control, such as Picture, when drawing to the above, we must use the hDC property.


5. Explicit statement and automatically saved

By default, Visual Basic will not declare a variable that is a new variable (even if you're not careful typing error in a), it is prone to error, but also to identify such errors are often not easy. With API will basically involve the operation of the system itself, once the error is likely to occur Visual Basic crashes and even system crashes. So to set the Visual Basic option selected on the Require Variable Declaration (required variable declaration). In Enviroment (Environment) page When a program starts (when the program starts) Department elected Prompt To Save Changes (prompted to save) or Save Changes (auto save).杩欐牱Visual Basic浼氭鏌ュ彉閲忔槸鍚﹀凡缁忓0鏄庯紝涓嶅啀鍏佽娌℃湁澹版槑鐨勫彉閲忓嚭鐜颁簡銆?br />
銆??6.API娴忚鍣?br />
銆??鍓嶉潰璁测?澹版槑鈥濈殑鏃跺?鎻愬埌浜咥PI娴忚鍣紝杩欓噷涔熻涓?瀹冦?鍦ㄥ畨瑁呭畬VB鏃讹紝瀹夎绋嬪簭浼氭妸API娴忚鍣ㄥ鍒跺埌浣犵殑璁$畻鏈洪噷銆傚惎鍔ㄥ悗鐣岄潰濡傚浘1锛堜互VB6涓哄噯锛夈?鍙互鐪嬪埌锛屼粠API娴忚鍣ㄩ噷鎴戜滑鍙互寰楀埌API鐨勫0鏄庛?甯搁噺鍊间互鍙婁笌API鐩稿叧鐨勮嚜瀹氫箟绫诲瀷鐨勫畾涔夈?鍏朵腑Declare Scope锛堝0鏄庤寖鍥达級鏄寚璇ュ0鏄庢槸鍏湁鐨勮繕鏄鏈夌殑銆傚浜庡湪鏍囧噯妯″潡涓殑澹版槑锛屽鏋滃0鏄庝负绉佹湁锛屽垯鍙璇ユā鍧楁湁鏁堬紝濡傛灉涓哄叕鏈夛紝鍒欏鏁翠釜绋嬪簭閮芥湁鏁堛?鍦ㄧ獥浣撴ā鍧椾腑鍙兘澹版槑涓虹鏈夈?


銆??MSDN鏄井杞彂甯冪殑涓?瀹屾暣鐨刉indows寮?彂鑰呮妧鏈枃妗o紙濡傚浘2锛夈?閲岄潰涓嶄粎鏈塚B銆乂C锛嬶紜銆乂FP銆丮SDEV銆乂SS绛夊紑鍙戝伐鍏风殑瀹屾暣甯姪锛岃?涓斿寘鍚簡Windows骞冲彴寮?彂鐨勫嚑涔庢墍鏈夌殑鎶?湳璧勬枡锛屽苟涓嶆柇鍦版洿鏂般?鎴戜滑闇?鐨凙PI璧勬枡杩欓噷閮芥湁寰堣缁嗙殑璇存槑锛屽寘鎷娇鐢ㄥ钩鍙般?鍙傛暟绫诲瀷銆佸弬鏁颁綔鐢ㄧ瓑锛堝綋鐒跺畠骞堕潪瀹屽叏姝g‘锛岄敊璇殑鍦版柟涔熸椂鏈夊嚭鐜帮級銆備笉杩囦綔涓轰互C涓哄熀纭?殑API锛岃繖閲岀殑璧勬枡鏄嫳鏂囩殑锛岃?涓旀牸寮忎篃鏄疌璇█鏍煎紡銆傛兂瑕佽鎳傦紝閭d綘鐨勮嫳鏂囨按骞冲拰C璇█灏辫鏈変袱鎶婂埛瀛愪簡銆備笉杩囦笉蹇呮媴蹇冿紝瀹冨彧鏄垜寤鸿涓?畾瑕佹湁鐨勫弬鑰冩枃妗o紝鏈?噸瑕佺殑杩樻槸鎴戞帴涓嬫潵瑕佽鐨勫唴瀹癸紝瀹冧笉浠呮槸涓枃鐨勶紝杩樻槸VB鐨勶紝鍙堟湁浣跨敤绀轰緥锛岃繕鏈夌浉鍏崇煡璇嗚瑙c?璁颁綇MSDN鍙槸鍙傝?鏂囨。锛屼綔鐢ㄥ氨濂藉儚瀛楀吀锛屽彲鍗冧竾涓嶈涔颁簡涓?MSDN灏辫窇鍘昏窡鍒汉璇翠綘宸茬粡鍙樺緱澶氬帀瀹充簡锛屼笉鐒垛?鈥?br />
銆??椤轰究璇翠竴璇达紝浠ュ墠鐨凪SDN鏄弻CD鐨勶紝鐜板湪宸茬粡鍙樻垚3CD浜嗐?濡傛灉涔扮殑璇濆簲灏介噺涔版渶鏂扮殑锛堜絾娌℃湁蹇呰姣忔鏇存柊閮芥崲涓?锛夛紝鍥犱负鏇存柊鐨勭増鏈妸涓?簺閿欒鏀规浜嗭紝骞跺鍔犱簡鏂扮殑鍐呭锛屾瘮濡傛渶鏂扮殑MSDN宸茬粡澧炲姞浜嗚澶歐indows XP鐨勫唴瀹广?浣犲彲浠ヤ粠寰蒋鐨勪腑鍥界綉绔欒鍒拌繖濂楁枃妗o紝涓嶈繃涓?勾鐨勪环閽变粠涓?竾鍑犲埌涓変竾鍑狅紝涔颁笉璧风殑璇濃?鈥﹁嚜宸辨兂鍔炴硶鍚с?


銆??绗竴璇?浠庢秷鎭璧?br />
銆??鐢变簬杩欐槸銆婄粏姘撮暱娴佽瘽API銆嬬殑绗竴璇濓紝鎴戝繀椤绘敞鎰忓埌鎵?鐨勫唴瀹硅绠?崟锛屽苟涓旇浣犳湁鑰愬績鍙互鐪嬪埌寰?悗鐨勬枃绔狅紝鎵?互鎴戝笇鏈涘彲浠ラ?杩囦竴涓瘮杈冪壒鍒殑渚嬪瓙鏉ュ紩璧蜂綘鐨勬敞鎰忥紙杩欐牱鐨勬儏鍐典笉浼氭?鏄湁鐨勶級銆傝鎴戜滑鎯虫兂锛孷B閲岀殑CommandButton鎺т欢璁╂垜浠彲浠ュ仛浠?箞锛熸寜涓嬨?寮硅捣锛岃繕鏈夊憿锛熻鐪嬬湅鍥?锛岃繖鏍风殑鎯呭喌鍦ㄤ綘鐨勭▼搴忚繍琛屾椂鍑虹幇杩囧悧锛?br />
銆??Windows鏄互娑堟伅鏉ヤ紶閫掍俊鎭殑銆傚綋鍑虹幇鏌愪釜鎿嶄綔锛屾瘮濡傛寜閽鎸変笅锛屽氨浜х敓鎸夐挳琚寜涓嬬殑娑堟伅銆傛秷鎭浼犻?鍒拌鎿嶄綔瀵硅薄锛堟寜閽級锛屼簨浠跺氨浜х敓浜嗐?搴旀敞鎰忎笉鏄寜閽骇鐢熸秷鎭紝鑰屾槸Windows鐭ラ亾杩欎釜鎿嶄綔鐨勫彂鐢燂紝鍚戞寜閽彂閫佽繖涓秷鎭紝鎸夐挳鏀跺埌鍚庡啀鍋氱浉搴旂殑澶勭悊鈥斺?濡傛敼鍙樺瑙傛垚涓烘寜涓嬬殑鐘舵?銆?br />

銆??SendMessage鐨勫0鏄庡墠闈㈠凡缁忚杩囷紙娉ㄦ剰浠ublic寮?ご搴旀斁鍦ㄦ爣鍑嗘ā鍧椾腑锛屽惁鍒欑敤Private寮?ご锛夛紝瀹冪殑鍚勪釜鍙傛暟涓紝hwnd鏄璞$殑鍙ユ焺锛寃Msg鏄秷鎭殑鍊硷紙鍏蜂綋浠?箞娑堟伅锛夛紝鍙﹀涓や釜鍙傛暟鏍规嵁涓嶅悓娑堟伅鍜屼笉鍚屽簲鐢ㄦ湁涓嶅悓鐨勫?銆?br />
銆??浣犵湅鍒扮殑鍥?鐨勬儏鍐碉紝鏄敱浜庢垜鐨勭▼搴忓悜Command Button鎺т欢鍙戦?浜哤M_NCLBUTTONDOWN娑堟伅銆傝繖涓秷鎭彂鐢熷湪榧犳爣鍦ㄧ獥鍙g殑闈炲鎴峰尯鍩熶笂鎸変笅鏃躲?鎵?皳闈炲鎴峰尯鍩燂紝浣犲彲浠ョ悊瑙f垚涓?釜绐楀彛鐨勮竟缂樺拰鏍囬鏍忥紙褰撶劧鏄寚涓?埇鎯呭喌锛岃繖绉嶆儏鍐垫槸鍙互琚▼搴忔敼鍙樼殑锛夈?


Private Sub cmdResize_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Dim nParam As Long

With cmdResize
''涔嬫墍浠ュ湪0鍜?00涔嬮棿浠ュ強涓嬮潰 .Width-100 鍜?.Width 涔嬮棿锛屾槸璁╅紶鏍囧彧鍦ㄦ寜閽竟缂樻墠鍙互鎷夊姩鎸夐挳
If X > 0 And X < 100 Then
nParam = HTLEFT
ElseIf X > .Width - 100 And X < .Width Then
nParam = HTRight
End If
If nParam Then
Call ReleaseCapture
Call SendMessage(.hwnd, WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, nParam, 0)
End If
End With
End Sub


銆??鍙互鐪嬪埌锛屾垜璁╅紶鏍囨媺鍔ㄦ寜閽椂锛屾媺鎸夐挳宸﹁竟鏄敤 HTLEFT鍋氬弬鏁帮紝鎷夊彸杈规槸鐢℉TRIGHT鍋氬弬鏁般?杩欎袱涓兘鏄父閲忥紝鍙互浠嶢PI娴忚鍣ㄤ腑寰楀埌鍊笺?鍚屾牱鐨勶紝鑻ユ兂鎷夋寜閽殑涓婇潰鍜屼笅闈紝鍙敤HTTOP鍜孒TBOTTOM鍋氬弬鏁帮紝鑰?HTTOPLEFT鍜孒TBOTTOMRIGHT鍒欏垎鍒槸宸︿笂瑙掑拰鍙充笅瑙掋?

銆??鍦ㄥ彂閫佹秷鎭箣鍓嶆湁涓?釜ReleaseCapture鐨凙PI銆傝繖涓狝PI鏄Windows閲婃斁瀵归紶鏍囩殑鎹曟崏浠ヤ究浣块紶鏍囦綅缃殑淇℃伅涓嶈兘琚敹鍒帮紝CommandButton涓嶇煡閬撻紶鏍囧湪鍝噷锛屼篃灏变笉浼氬彂鐢熸寜閽湪杩欐椂琚寜涓嬬殑鎯呭喌銆傚綋鐒讹紝鍙互鏀惧績锛學indows閲婃斁瀵归紶鏍囩殑鎹曟崏鍙槸鏆傛椂鐨勶紝褰撲綘鏀惧紑榧犳爣鍐嶆鍙戠敓绉诲姩鏃讹紝Windows鍙堜細鎹曟崏榧犳爣浜嗏?鈥斿畠鏄椂鏃堕兘鍦ㄥ彂鐢熺殑銆?br />

Private Sub cmdResize_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Dim NewPointer As MousePointerConstants

With cmdResize
If X > 0 And X < 100 Then
NewPointer = vbSizeWE
ElseIf X > .Width - 100 And X < .Width Then
NewPointer = vbSizeWE
NewPointer = vbDefault
End If
If NewPointer <> .MousePointer Then
.MousePointer = NewPointer
End If
End With

End Sub

銆??浣滅敤寰堟槑鏄撅紝鑰屼笖寰堢畝鍗曪紝鎵?互鎴戝氨涓嶅杩欐浠g爜浣滆В閲婁簡銆?br />
銆??杩欎釜渚嬪瓙寰堢畝鍗曪紝浣嗙浉淇¤捣鐨勪綔鐢ㄦ槸涓嶅皬鐨勩?SendMessage鍙互鍙戦?寰堝娑堟伅锛屽綋鐒舵垜涓嶄細瀵硅繖浜涙秷鎭竴涓?綔瑙i噴锛屼絾浠ュ悗杩樻槸浼氱粡甯告帴瑙﹀埌鐨勶紝鎵?互鏇村鐨勭煡璇嗗氨绛夋參鎱㈠啀瀛﹀惂銆?br />
锛堟簮绋嬪簭涓嬭浇閾炬帴:锛?br />


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Describes the properties of the problem MIDP

This article aims to explain the properties in question MIDP, mainly related to the jad and MANIFEST.MF files of some of the concepts. In fact many people did not know the details in this regard. So you should carefully read this article.

MIDP applications are usually based. Jar files and. Jad files released. jar file is what we call the jar package, jad file's full name is the java application descriptor. In the jad file contains the Application Management Software to manage MIDlets in the life cycle of information, of course, include many important properties. They are in pairs for example: MIDlet-Name: myjava. You can call getAppProperty ("MIDlet-Name") to get the String type of myjava, which is very handy if you want your MIDlet to the network then you can define a name for the SERVER_URL, define the value of it http://yourip:port/myservlet, so if you want to connect to other addresses, then only need to modify the jad file, and do not need to recompile. Therefore, we must be aware that some of the jad file MIDlet initialization which needs to place value is more desirable.

In the jar package which includes a directory META-INFO files inside a MANIFEST.MF. It is used to describe the JAR file also contains some other information, you may find, in the MANIFEST.MF and the JAD file, some of the values are the same. Then there is a rule which, AMS how to determine which value to read it? The answer is this.

If the MIDlets in the jar package is signed, then the AMS to go look at its digital signature, if it is effective then it will begin to read the contents of MANIFEST.MF, and then read the jad file the same content, so if the match would It will install the jar package, if you do not match, then it will refuse to install. If he found that the digital signature is invalid, then it will refuse to install directly.
If MDIlets the jar package is unsigned, then put it considers non-trust AMS, and he went to read the jad file attributes, if found not to read the MANIFEST, then it's content, which means that if both jad and MANIFEST AMS only to read the attributes in jad.

Following this logic appears to be more clear:
given: String key / / attribute name
return: String value
throws: NullPointerException if key is null

if trusted
String v0 = lookup key in manifest
String v1 = lookup key in descriptor

if (v0! = null & & v1! = null)
/ / Found in both; must be the same value
assert (v0.compareTo (v1) == 0);

value = (v1! = null)? v1: v0;
else / / untrusted
value = lookup key in descriptor

if value == null
value = lookup key in manifest

return value

The following outlines some important MIDP2.0 defined the parameters defined in MIDP2.0 18 value. Which in the MANIFEST.MF and the jad in the six must be defined, they are:
As the inside of a MIDlet suite can have multiple MIDlet, so you have to explain them such as MIDlet-1, MIDlet-2 ..... MIDlet-n, it is very important, in the deployment jar and jad files to the phone when must ensure that the correct MIDlet-Name, its value is the name of your jar package! Otherwise does not install successfully. There are two values is the jad file, they allowed some MIDlet-Jar-URL,
MIDlet-Jar-Size One should note that the MIDlet-Jar-URL, if you wanted to download via OTA, then you must not let him point to the absolute address of your jar package, such as http://myip:port/app/myapp. jar.

On more than one MIDlet suite MIDlet inside the case I wrote a simple code to test it, so if you have questions about what you can run the following procedure:
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Form;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException;

public class MIDlet1 extends MIDlet

private Display display;

protected void startApp () throws MIDletStateChangeException

display = Display.getDisplay (this);
display.setCurrent (new Form ("1"));

protected void pauseApp ()

protected void destroyApp (boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException

import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Form;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException;

public class MIDlet2 extends MIDlet

private Display display;

protected void startApp () throws MIDletStateChangeException
display = Display.getDisplay (this);
display.setCurrent (new Form ("2"));

protected void pauseApp ()


protected void destroyApp (boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException

import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Form;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException;

public class MIDlet3 extends MIDlet

private Display display;

protected void startApp () throws MIDletStateChangeException
display = Display.getDisplay (this);
display.setCurrent (new Form ("3"));

protected void pauseApp ()

protected void destroyApp (boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException

JAD file as follows:
MIDlet-3: MIDlet3,, MIDlet3
MIDlet-2: MIDlet1,, MIDlet1
MIDlet-1: MIDlet2,, MIDlet2
MIDlet-Jar-URL: MIDlets.jar
MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
MIDlet-Version: 1.0.0
MIDlet-Name: MIDlets
MIDlet-Vendor: Midlet Suite Vendor
MicroEdition-Profile MIDP-1.0

The above three. Java files are packaged into MIDlets.jar file, then double-click. Jad file. Program can be run up, I wtk2.1 run without any problems!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

U.S. stocks comment: Sun die-hard

Guide language: MarketWatch, wrote today, Sun representatives of the shareholders should consider replacing the CEO about the company why the present situation is so chaotic, as head of the Schwartz (Jonathan Schwartz) responsibility.

Now, Sun (JAVA) board members is the time to climb up, smell the coffee flavor.

The Board introduced two independent directors, that they can lead the company's business out of the downward spiral, it is obviously wrong, love the table, on the contrary, Sun is in fact the representatives of the shareholders should consider replacing about the company's CEO, after all, the company The reason why the present situation is so chaotic, as head of the Schwartz (Jonathan Schwartz) responsibility.

I believe that this Web server's current biggest problems, precisely because the CEO is that he has a high degree of focus on open source software to try to do something on principle. It is precisely this approach, analysts and consumers which has led to great confusion, people have begun to question: Sun what kind of a business?

"They really have a price that customers pay a higher corporate brand, or an ordinary household products?" Global Equities Research analyst Chaudhry (Trip Chowdhry) bluntly, "They in the end is a software or hardware company company? Sun in the end going to do to define their own identity? "

Sun was originally created in 1982, when it should be said is a low-end workstation company, their strategy is emerging at that time. Mainly in support of computer workstations for the target market. Sun developed the technology with its own unique advantages of workstations, engineers quickly became the favorite. Later, the company's growing larger, involved more important the Internet server market, but also appears to believe in "the network is the computer" mantra. However, the Internet bubble period, and their policy-making a significant deviation. And their many customers, they create a lot of high-risk start-ups, bathing the results of these investments have also led Sun itself has suffered huge damage.

After the Internet bubble burst in the recession period for which the company's many corporate clients are finding they can use the original price is more affordable low-end server products, these servers are free to use Linux operating system, rather than those mainstream server manufacturers use expensive Unix systems. With more and more customers began to realize that Dell (DELL) and other personal computer company to provide the server is already "good enough", Unix gradually began a downhill slide.

Under such circumstances, the big server vendors have started to seek new outlets, such as IBM Corp. (IBM) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) are beginning to launch its own low-end server products, at the same time, they also open up other operations, which in many areas including service as its own revenue sources to ensure diversified.杩欐牱锛屼粬浠埄娑︾巼鍙鐨勯珮绔湇鍔″櫒涓氬姟涔熻兘澶熷拰浣庣涓氬姟鐩稿緱鐩婂桨锛屽仴搴峰湴鍙戝睍涓嬪幓銆?br />
銆??Sun鑷劧涔熼伃閬囦簡绫讳技鐨勯夯鐑︼紝浠栦滑鐨刄nix涓氬姟涔熷彈鍒颁簡鍐插嚮銆備粬浠笉鏄病鏈夎繃璋冩暣鐨勫姫鍔涖?鍦?005骞寸殑鏃跺?锛屼粬浠渶鍒濆紑濮嬩娇鐢ˋMD鐨勮姱鐗囨潵鍒堕?鑷繁鐨勪綆绔湇鍔″櫒锛屽笇鏈涜兘澶熶互姝ゆ潵鍥炲簲甯傚満瀵逛簬浣庣绯荤粺鐨勯渶姹傦紝杩欑闇?眰鏄疭un鑷繁涓撴湁鐨勩?浣跨敤SPARC鑺墖鐨勬湇鍔″櫒鎵?棤娉曟弧瓒崇殑銆?br />
銆??2006骞寸殑鏃跺?锛屽綋鏃舵媴浠绘?瑁佺殑鏂界摝鑼ㄨ蛋椹笂浠伙紝鎴愪负Sun鐨勯甯墽琛屽畼锛屼粬鑷村姏浜庢帹鍔⊿un杩涗竴姝ュ悜鐫?紑鏀句唬鐮佽蒋浠剁殑鏂瑰悜鍓嶈繘銆傚湪浠栫殑涓绘寔涔嬩笅锛孲un鐨凷olaris鎿嶄綔绯荤粺琚帹鍚戝紑鏀句唬鐮佷笘鐣岋紝鍜孡inux杩涜绔炰簤锛岃繖鏈?粓杩樻槸鎺ㄥ姩浜哠un鐨勭‖浠堕攢鍞鎴愰暱銆?br />

銆??鈥淪un鍘熸湰鏄湁鏈轰細鎴愪负娑堣垂鑰呭績涓殑鑻规灉鐨勩?鈥濅箶寰烽噷琛ㄧず锛屸?浠栦滑涔熷簲璇ユ垚涓轰紒涓氬競鍦轰笂鐨勮嫻鏋溿?鈥濅箶寰烽噷鐩镐俊锛屽浜嶴un鑰岃█锛屼粙鍏ヤ綆绔湇鍔″櫒甯傚満鐨勫喅绛栨湰韬氨鏄竴涓法澶х殑閿欒銆?br />
銆??涔斿痉閲岀殑鐪嬫硶鎭愭?鏍规湰灏辨槸鍦⊿un鐨勭瓥鐣ヤ箣澶栵紝杩欎竴绛栫暐鏄墠浠婚甯墽琛屽畼楹﹀厠灏煎埄(Scott McNealy)鐨勯仐浜с?涓嶈繃鏃犺濡備綍锛岃嚦灏戝湪鎴戠湅鏉ワ紝Sun灏哠olaris鎿嶄綔绯荤粺鎺ㄥ悜寮?斁浠g爜涓栫晫鐨勫仛娉曠殑纭槸涓?釜閿欒鐨勫紑濮嬶紝浠栦滑閭f椂灏卞湪璇鑷繁浜嗭紝鐩镐俊鍙涓烘秷璐硅?鎻愪緵鍏嶈垂鎴栬?閮ㄥ垎鍏嶈垂鐨勮蒋浠讹紝灏辫兘澶熷紩璇变粬浠喘涔拌嚜宸辩殑纭欢銆?br />
銆??涔斿痉閲屽濠夊湴璐ㄩ棶锛屸?浣犳槸鍚﹁杩嘔BM寮?斁鑷繁鎿嶄綔绯荤粺鐨勪唬鐮侊紵鈥?br />

銆??Sun鏈?ぇ鐨勮偂涓滄槸Southeastern Asset Management锛岃繖鏄竴瀹朵环鍊煎瀷鎶曡祫鍏徃锛屽凡缁忔槑纭〃杈句簡甯屾湜鏈夋墍鍙樺寲鐨勬复鏈涖?鍛ㄤ竴锛孲un鍚屾剰鍦ㄨ懀浜嬩細澧炴坊涓や綅鐙珛钁d簨锛岃繖涓?喅瀹氳繕鏈夊緟浜庢柟闈㈢殑鎵瑰噯銆備笉杩囷紝Southeastern鏃椾笅鐨勪竴浣嶅熀閲戠粡鐞嗕汉宸茬粡鍋氬嚭浜嗚瘎璁猴紝鐪嬩笂鍘绘槸鏀寔鏂界摝鑼ㄧ殑绛栫暐鐨勩?


銆??鈥滈?杈戜笂鐢氳嚦娉曞緥涓婅鏉ワ紝Sun鐨勭‘鏈変箟鍔′负鑲′笢璋嬫眰鏈?ぇ鍒╃泭锛屼絾鏄笌姝ゅ悓鏃讹紝浠栦滑涔熼渶瑕佹壘鍒板姙娉曟潵缁存寔瀹㈡埛鐨勫繝蹇冦?鈥漃und-IT鐨勫垎鏋愬笀閲?Charles King)琛ㄧず锛屸?鎴戝苟涓嶈涓篠outheastern鏁︿績鐨勮祫浜у嚭鍞瓥鐣ュ浜庡鎴疯?瑷?槸浠跺ソ浜嬨?鈥?br />
銆??Sun鐨勬姇璧勪汉浠垨璁告槸鍙楀埌浜嗗叕鍙歌蒋浠朵笟鍔℃垚闀跨殑褰卞搷锛屽湪鏈?繎涓?釜璐㈠褰撲腑锛屽叕鍙哥殑杞欢钀ユ敹澧為暱浜?7%锛屼娇寰楄閮ㄩ棬鎴愪负Sun涓氬姟鎴愰暱鏈?负杩呴?鐨勯儴闂紝浣嗘槸鍜屽叕鍙告暣浣撶浉姣旓紝杞欢浠嶇劧涓嶈兘鎵挎媴璧蜂富瑕佽鑹层?鍦ㄥ叕鍙?009璐㈠勾绗竴璐㈠褰撲腑锛孲un鐨勬?钀ユ敹涓?9浜跨編鍏冿紝鍏朵腑1.24浜跨編鍏冩槸鏉ヨ嚜杞欢锛岃?12.6浜跨編鍏冩槸鏉ヨ嚜纭欢锛屽摢鎬曞悗鑰呭凡缁忎笅婊戜簡15%銆?br />

銆??鍗庡皵琛楀凡缁忓悜璇ュ叕鍙告柦鍔犱簡涓嶅皬鐨勫帇鍔涳紝浠栦滑鏄剧劧鏄笇鏈汼un鑳藉澶у箙搴﹂檷浣庢垚鏈紝鑰屼笖鎶曡祫鑰呯殑鑰愬績涔熶笉鍐嶅儚浠ュ墠閭d箞濂戒簡銆傝嚜浠庢柦鐡﹁尐鎺ユ帉Sun浠ユ潵锛岃懀浜嬩細宸茬粡浜庡幓骞村崄涓?湀鎵瑰噯浜嗗洓鍚堜竴鐨勫悎鑲¤鍒掋?鍦ㄥ悎鑲′箣鍓嶏紝Sun鐨勮偂浠锋槸5.14缇庡厓锛屽悎鑲′箣鍚庣殑鍗虫椂浠锋牸鏄?0.51缇庡厓銆傚懆涓夛紝Sun鐨勮偂浠锋敹浜?.89缇庡厓锛岃穼骞呰秴杩?0%銆?br />
銆??涓婁釜鏈堬紝Sun鍐嶅害瀹e竷浜嗚鍛?000鑷?000浜虹殑澶ц妯¤鍒掞紝浣嗘槸涓?簺鎶曡祫鑰呭嵈璁や负杩欐牱鐨勫箙搴﹁繕涓嶅銆傝鍏徃杩樹负鍏?005骞存枼璧?1浜跨編鍏冪殑StorageTek鐨勪氦鏄撴敮鍑轰簡鎹熷鎬у紑鏀紝杩欏氨璇存槑锛岃鍏徃宸茬粡涓嶅啀鍊糞un鏇剧粡涓哄叾浠樺嚭鐨勯偅涓环閽变簡銆?br />
銆??閲戞?缁撻亾锛屸?鏂界摝鑼ㄨ繕鑳藉湪鑷繁鐨勮亴浣嶄笂鍧氭寔澶氫箙锛孲un鐨勭嫭绔嬪瓨鍦ㄨ繕鑳戒繚鎸佸涔咃紝杩欎竴鍒囬兘鎰堟潵鎰堝?寰楁?鐤戜簡锛岃?涓旇繖涓や欢浜嬫湰璐ㄤ笂寰堝彲鑳芥槸涓?欢浜嬨?鈥?br />


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New version of GPL may change

IDG news exclusively for this newspaper the Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman has said that the upcoming GNU General Public License (General Public License, referred to as GPL) may have some modifications, including software for Web applications and software patent issues in the some modifications.

Stallman said, GPL3 introduced a change in the company's use of GPL software may be involved in providing online services, this new provision may allow developers to request users to download their software online using the source code. It requires the user to do so by the developers discretion, Stallman said: "This provision does not apply to all GPL projects, only those projects have included the establishment of such provisions, the future of software developers to activate this provision."

Another new provision might be involved in the controversial software patents. Stallman said: "While it is not clear how the GPL3 specific provisions, but the implied license terms will only involve the publisher released the code to use the patented technology, it will not change much."

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